MacGregors & Sieverkropps

If you know me personally, you know that during the working week, I work as a nanny. For almost 10 years, this is the career path I have chosen and I absolutely love it! With this particular session, my two worlds collided! I finally got the opportunity to photograph the two beautiful families I nanny for (in our world its called a nanny share). I have worked for the Macgregors and Sieverkropps since their kiddos were just teeny tiny 3 month olds and now, they are almost 2 1/2 (enter nostalgia tears here.)


Both of these toddlers are full of spunk and love their moms and dads (which is obvious from their session). If you have ever been around a toddler, you know the amount of energy it takes to get through the day. I definitely got my workout in for this photoshoot and it was so worth it! After running around like crazy people (my camera could barely keep up with their speed!) , they tamed down a bit and I plopped them in mom and dads arms and well.... I’ll let the photos speak on that.


These pictures tell the story of how loved, cherished, adored these parents are by their kids, as well as the parents are to eachother. Major #familygoals ! The whole point of my sessions is to capture the love, the laughter, the closeness. And oh mylanta did we do that!! Being a nanny is one of my greatest joys as I just love working with children and watch their little brain wheels turn. And on top of that, I get to capture their silliness?! their energy?! Their love for their parents?! Who can ask for a more amazing job!


  Enjoy the rest of this session of two beautiful families that I am so lucky to work for and who obviously adore each other.

Photography Missions Trip (Mexico)

In October 2017, I had the opportunity to join a short term missions trip, along with 6 other ladies, to the villages of Mexico where we would join in with the locals and listen to their stories of heartache, oppression, persecution for their faith. There were a lot of tears but the most amazing, life-changing moment was to watch their joy. SO MUCH JOY! These people have been beaten, persecuted, risk their lives for their faith in Jesus but through it all.... joy. In addition to listening to their stories, we got to take their family photos for the first time, print them and give it to them as gifts to show them just how beautiful they are. A lot of them were very overwhelmed with a camera pointed at them and would remain stoic, expressionless. But eventually their friends and family would gather and make them laugh, smile and we would snap that rare moment of laughter. Photography is such an intimate gift and we were able to give something to these families to treasure forever.