Pre-session questionnaire

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form! The answers you give will help me get to know you better and create a fun, personalized session for you and your family!

*Please note that with all this said, newborn babies cannot be pushed or forced into positions where they are not comfortable.  I will do my best to fulfill your wishes with your baby's safety and comfort in mind first.

If siblings are included in the newborn session, we are going to take those images in the beginning.  Please make arrangements for someone to pick up the siblings since the newborn session can last a few hours, and it is important to have a quiet serene environment for the best newborn session.

I'm so grateful that you chose me to photograph this most important time in your lives.  I cannot wait to meet you all and your new baby.  Please don't hesitate to text/email me anytime.  Thank you so much.

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Spouses Name
Spouses Name
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Including the family pets!
Babys Due Date *
Babys Due Date
I will note your due date on my calendar.  Since not all babies arrive on their due date, I will wait until I hear from you on your baby's arrival.  Then we will schedule the session within the first two weeks after your baby is born.
Babys Gender
Shot List Preferences
Please consider taking photos of the spaces in your home you would like to utilize in your session or feel would be good spots. This can be your bedroom, guest bedroom, living room, nursery, etc. Please take the images when the area is well lit with the most sunlight possible in your home. This will help me IMMENSELY when planning your session to optimize the space we have and allow me the chance to give suggestions prior to arriving. Your home doesn't need to be showroom-ready for this! Just gives me an idea of where I will be shooting.